The Arts

The Arts

The school is co-located with the Lyceum Gallery and we have an Artist in Residence programme. In exchange for studio and exhibition space, the children learn from watching her in her practice and receive weekly instruction in film and digital photography. They also receive lessons in music theory and composition, graphic design, photography and French on a weekly basis from artists practicing in the community. You can read more about our visiting teachers and our current Artist in Residence, Marina Dempster, in the Collaborators section.

In the fall, the class had an arrangement to publish a page of content in the West End Phoenix. They were mentored by Kerry Manders, who writes for The Phoenix and The New York Times. They wrote and photographed the building and programmes at the Lyceum. Students will do their next internship with Jalani Morgan, photo editor of the West End Phoenix. Their assignment is to complete an environmental portrait of a community leader. This will be part of a group show in the gallery in June.

With a fully equipped studio at their disposal, students can decide how they want to present their work: letterpress, silkscreen, watercolour or photography, for example. We build in time for exploration, contemplation and collaboration working toward a goal of collaborating on group and individual studies. Our neighbourhood has a history of artists working out of the margins, in the disused warehouses and dilapidated shops to create, critique and connect to what they saw going on around them. They were optimistic, found community and in many ways spurred on change in the area. We hope to provide a place for the collective arts to be fostered and thrive for people of all ages.

Other arts assignments we are working on this year include:

-Novel study (Old Man and the Sea, The Crucible, Moon Over Manifest)

-The short story form as a capture of time and place

-Poetry recitation, critique and writing and self-publishing

-Critical reflection and writing

-Weekly visual art studies in various media (watercolour, chalk pastel, sketching, linocut, colour theory) with guest artist Andrew Long

-Weekly mentoring in film and digital photography by Artist in Residence Marina Dempster

-Geometry graphing and transformations

-Music theory and composition with Nick Arseneau