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The Studio at The Lyceum has a diverse offering of programming for all members of the community. Thursday and Friday mornings, we host Suzuki music for babies aged 0-2 years with Lenni Jabour. After school classes in art, movement and strategy games provide enriched end of day extensions for students from the school and the neighbourhood to work together. Weekend workshops in a variety of artistic media led by practicing artists are announced a month in advance so you can book early and get a seat. The studio is also available for private programming, Please visit the gallery’s link here for more information or to enquire:

After School Classes

Limon-based Dance Classes with Emily Emily focuses on developing a movement vocabulary based on the body’s natural shapes and states. Release and recovery, gravity, swings, bounces, connection to the earth and isolation of key body parts are some of the ways body awareness is deepened. Limon is focused on the individual developing a holistic expressive mind/body approach to dance that empowers them while cultivating community in the studio. Improvisation, creative play and musicality are also part of the foundation the technique is built upon. This is a limited enrolment class. Tuesdays 4-5.30pm, 7-10 years.

Art and Maker Studio with Andrew This is a limited enrollment, collaborative class for ages 8-10 years that takes place on Mondays. Andrew will supervise open studio with an array of materials including screen printing, animation, letterpress, drawing skills, and tinkering. Mondays 4-5.30 pm 7-10 years.

Dungeons and Dragons with Nick Build a story, design a character and follow them on adventures and trials to magical lands. Fridays 3.30-5.30 pm ages 11-14 years.

Please see the shop for further details and registration.