Sam Higgs

Photo by Marina Dempster

Sam combines years of experience as a chef in Toronto, London, Switzerland and the Caribbean with an artistic flare and genuine empathy for youth from differing backgrounds. With his rich diversity of interests in food that stretch from garden plot to table, every day is a banquet of of opportunity to learn, both in the kitchen and in the school’s garden plot at Garrison Common.

Supporting Holly’s lead in the classroom with wisdom, humour and a sense of adventure, Sam also brings his interest in sequential art, collage and sketching to enrich The Lyceum’s art offerings in our daily work and after school progams.

Sam works with Holly and other collaborators such as Hollywood Suite to create unique culinary events such as The Beast Feast, Bakers Half Dozen, The Creative Uncommon and a recipe called For the Birds Pot Pie. Sam’s work is a culmination of many years spent cooking in diverse kitchen settings and in creating dedicated food experiences for small audiences.

Click here to get the For the Birds Pot Pie Recipe:

Check out the Beast Feast and other culinary explorations with The Orchard Lyceum kitchen and garden on our instagram @theorchardlyceum