Peace Work

The Peace Table Project

An Education for Peace. The bedrock of Montessori’s philosophy is the notion that we must find a way to live in a more conscious, connected, ultimately peaceful way. Her work, as a doctor and as a teacher, was informed by the experience of living through the horrors of two world wars. She believed that a more a conscious, capable human spirit could be fostered through education.

The Lyceum children began their journeys in Montessori at the age of two and a half. Now in their twelfth year, we see the results. What was once putting the work back on the shelf, ready for the next person, is now a formal structure that has become work in their community, care for their younger peers, a praxis project for local children and participation in Model UN in New York. We will publish more on this work shortly.

Most of this work is intangible, though. Working against a “results based” larger context, we place great emphasis on how they care for themselves and their environment and call to them at every opportunity to actively participate. They are still, as they always have been, steered back toward each other to “solve it”. Sometimes this chafes a bit, occasional squabbles break out, but there are also moments of stepping back and letting another go before you. The result is a truly child-run community and the fringe benefits include delicious plates of sushi, muffins and salads that come out of the kitchen which they share with the adults in their environment.