At it’s heart, a small group of children in grades six and seven, recently graduated from The Orchard Montessori School on Dovercourt. They will continue their studies among working and exhibiting artists in the studios and gallery the school shares space with. The children are furnished with exciting opportunities to learn from the artists in the environment.

The academic program of study is built on three pillars. The Arts (visual arts, storytelling, movement and music) are taught by a diverse group of collaborators, including our Artist in Residence, Marina Dempster. Studies in math, science and geography help them to form in their minds an understanding of the structure of the physical world. It is, however, the Peace Work that is Montessori’s greatest emphasis. They will pursue in-depth study and primary research in subjects that relate to the living world and how we interact with it: botany, zoology, anatomy, history, literature, human geography and philosophy. Their major work is a Praxis Project they develop over the course of the year that is intended to be applicable to the community context they are situated in. Please contact us for more information.