The Lyceum Gallery

A space to showcase contemporary Canadian art in a variety of media, the gallery is intended to be an immersive experience embedded in a community context . Less remote, more connected and hopefully more sustainable than traditional gallery models. It has a workshop space attached to it with programming for people of all ages to commune and create in.

The Orchard Lyceum Grade 6-7-8

In situating students in the context of a working studio and gallery environment, we hope to call to the natural tendencies in children of this age toward industry and practical enquiry and to expand their capacity to express themselves artistically.

The academic program of study is built on three pillars.

The Arts (visual art, movement and music) are taught by a diverse group of collaborators. Studies in math, science and geography help them to form in their minds an understanding of the structure of the physical world. It is, however, the Peace Work that is Montessori’s greatest emphasis. Students will pursue in-depth study and primary research in subjects that relate to the living world and how we interact with it: botany, zoology, anatomy, history, human geography and philosophy.

Both the seed and the thread for work in all three of these areas will be the study of literature and how texts can either act as a record of time and place or create a narrative for social change.

Over the year, students will develop a Praxis Project that is intended to serve the community they are situated in. Traditionally, in adolescent Montessori programs, this is a farm. As we are located in an urban arts community, the project will reflect this context.

We are excited to see where this goes. August 31, 2019