Lenni Jabour

A specialist in early music education, Lenni Jabour is the Founder and Director of Little Music Suzuki Method Learning in Toronto Canada, with program locations of Suzuki piano and Suzuki early childhood in the city’s west-end.  

One of a very small handful of dedicated Suzuki piano teachers in the city and one of the only Stage 5 Suzuki early childhood teachers in Canada, Lenni is also Chair of the Suzuki Association of Ontario, a member of The Early Childhood Music Association of Ontario, and a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

She has published articles, been the subject of podcasts, and given keynote presentations about the impact of early music learning on children, their families and community. It is Lenni’s deepest belief that our early learning experiences are among our most important, and shape our way forward as students (in and of any discipline) throughout our lives. Her warm, joyful and steady approach to working with families and maintaining excellence in Suzuki pedagogy, alongside her constant consideration of her students’ character and development via music learning, has made Lenni one of the top music educators in her field.