#bealove project

Marina Dempster is The Lyceum’s Artist in Residence. She has created this initiative as a gift to her community in this time of uncertainty. You can follow the prompts here on the site to create a collage, painting or whatever you are inspired to create in your journal. You can get the prompts in three different ways:

by following the daily prompt on @theorchardlyceum or

by following the history of the prompts on @marinamagic

or get them in a bunch (and check out her artwork) by subscribing to Marina’s newsletter at www.marinadempsterstudio.ca


Here is the most recent prompt to get you started:

Here is just one example:


1. Find an an old letter, a recent letter or maybe create one for yourself.
2. What would you like remember about it’s embarrassing embedded message or what is something you would like to invite into YOUR experience right now?
3. Is there a message you can send to ANOTHER to express your appreciation who might not necessarily expect it today?

If you decide to post your work the hashtag is #bealove