Artist in Residence

Each year, The Lyceum Gallery sponsors an Artist in Residence. In return for studio space and a spot in the gallery’s exhibition calendar, the Artist in Residence shares their artistic practice and guides our students in their artistic explorations.

This year, we are fortunate to have Marina Dempster as Artist in Residence at the Lyceum. Marina’s textile studio in the gallery’s workshop space is a constant source of curiosity for the students here. Her patience and willingness to share her practice with them makes them feel welcome and cared for. She is the very definition of “mentor” which she does in an official way by giving them lessons and assignments to complete in photography. The 2021 calendar is an example of that.

Marina also seems to be able to find a way to make almost any creative project we come up with find its wings. Around the Lyceum, people who get stuff done are called Actualizers and Marina is our Studio Actualizer. You can read more about her on our Collaborators page or see her beautiful work as a textile artist here:

or her work as a photographer with the magic eye here:

Marina is an integral part of life in the gallery and at the school. She is a constant source of positivity, inspiration and “make it so” ingenuity.