Artist in Residence Quincy Raby

Pop artist Quincy Raby is the current Lyceum Artist in Residence. Quincy works from the studio in the Lyceum three days a week and co-develops workshops and programming for both children and adults. Her investment in time and talent as well as her ever-evolving curation of material is a rich addition to The Lyceum’s robust art programming.

Here is a link to workshops in The Lyceum Gallery:

Artist Bio

Quincy Raby is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. Working primarily with acrylics in a hard-edge painting style, her body of work encompasses a variety of mediums including collage, sculpture, photography and soft goods.  Clean lines and bright colours are a key signature.

Quincy grew up tagging along on her mother’s assignments as a commercial photographer and art director. Raised on a steady diet of unlimited magic markers, 70s and 80s pop culture, and unfettered access to mass media, her images are bright, upbeat and mildly subversive.

Quincy has had two exhibitions in the gallery. Check them out here:

Link to Thank You For Destroying My Life Viewing Room

Link to You Will See Such Pretty Things here

Quincy and Holly are working on a new series of studio sessions for adults too! Stay tuned.