2022 Building Queen West Calendar

Building Queen West

A Calendar by students of The Lyceum

Building Queen West is a tribute to the entrepreneurial and community spirit of the Queen West community. Each of the businesses featured here were chosen by our students because of the way they connect with the idea of “where we are”. This is an important theme at the moment, given the challenges and barriers these growing people face in forging community right now. This work folds into their ongoing study of the geo-cultural history of Queen Street West. For the calendar project, they researched the location at the archives, illustrated the business and interviewed the proprietors.  

A portion of the proceeds of this calendar will go to the Parkdale Food Bank, who provide barrier-free food that respects choice and dignity for all. Now more than ever, food banks are sites of short-term assistance and advocacy. Escalating food bank use, destabilization of employment and the rapid disappearance of supported housing pose a frightening view the future. We greatly appreciate your help in supporting their services by purchasing a calendar. Get yours (and maybe one for a friend) for $20 at www.thelyceumgallery.com

UPDATE: The calendar has now sold out. Thank you to our community partners and everyone who purchased one. We raised over $1500.

Parkdale Community Foodbank can be found here: www.pcfb.ca

Support your local:

Silver Snail 809 Queen St W www.silversnail.com

Type Books 839 Queen St W www.typebooks.ca

Terroni 720 Queen St  W www.terroni.com 

Oyster Boy 872 Queen St W www.oysterboy.ca

La Palette 492 Queen St W lapalette.ca

Hooky’s 893 Queen St W hookysfishandchips.ca

Fresh 1 Market 614 Queen St W

Edulis  169 Niagara St edulisrestaurant.com

Garrison’s Barber Shop 254 Niagara Street garrisons.ca

The Spice Trader 877 Queen St W www.thespicetrader.ca

Nadege Patisserie Ltd. 780 Queen St W nadege-patisserie.com

Cover illustration of The Lyceum by Sam Higgs.