2021 Calendar


“Flowers grow even in the cold. A mid-December blossom at the corner of Queen and Shaw sprouts more buds, growing persistently despite its hardship. We must strive to be like the flower and, stuck in COVID’s long winter, grow new blossoms.” Julian

Queen Street West, a hub for small business and the arts in Toronto, is a storied street. This collection of photographic studies detail the ways in which locations in our immediate environment have changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All around us, the new normal speaks to the spirit of Queen Street West: its responsiveness, ingenuity and its ability flex and adapt with the times. Through grit and determination, this vibrant community has stuck together through the pandemic but as we face another lockdown there is need for us to stay together: to buy local and support each other.

All proceeds from the  sale of  this  calendar will go to the Parkdale Food Bank. If you live in the West Queen West district, we’ll even hand deliver yours.

Each month, we’ll feature the image and story from the current month in the calendar. If you want the whole thing, you know what to do…

Locations and businesses featured in the calendar include:

Garrisons Barber Shop http://garrisons.ca/

The Lucky Penny http://www.theluckypenny.ca/

Stanley Park

Niagara Street School

Quincy Raby Art https://www.quincyraby.com/

The Lyceum Gallery https://nocerestaurant.ca/

Edulis Restaurant https://www.edulisrestaurant.com/

Grateful House Tattoo https://www.instagram.com/gratefulhousetoronto/

Type Books https://typebooks.ca/

Noce Restaurant https://nocerestaurant.ca/