Year in Review

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School’s out! We wrapped up the year by sharing reflections, some of which are recorded in these photographs. Like everyone, our year did not end the way we expected it to. Still, there were many highlights: the Peace Table project opened two weeks into school, students were immersed every day in art, they saw their stories roll off the press in The West End Phoenix, they made it to MMUN in New York two weeks before lock-down, and they shared some awfully good sushi. When they had to, they committed themselves to finishing out the year virtually (can you imagine enduring a two hour poetry lecture?!!). This week, they are submitting final term papers and so far, what I have read conveys deep introspection and sensitivity to recent events in the world. We are changed and we are challenged. We are committed to reflecting this in choices we make in the future. If you are interested in learning more about the school and the work we do here, check out the website in the bio link. A year ago, this concept was a page of notes from conversations back in Toronto that sat open on a table in Prague for three days before they began to speak. Those ideas only came into being through collaboration with community partners, the artists who worked and showed here , Marina’s @marinadempsterstudio dedication as Artist in Residence and the friends who believed in it. Thank you, beyond words. Holly and Melody

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