We’ve gone virtual!

Not to be daunted by a pandemic, the Lyceum kids are back to school. Yesterday, we had our first two hour conference on Postmodernism. We talked about the way visual artists and poets deconstructed forms and rebuilt narratives to resonate in a way that reflected the new world order after WWII. This tied into our present-day circumstances rather nicely and students were left with assignments to reconstruct a Seamus Heaney poem. The inside story on this is a reluctance on the part of my students to fully embrace Seamus Heaney (who is my favourite poet) so I gave them the chance to rip him apart. The results I have seen so far are phenomenal. This week, we are working on a reduced in-class schedule that includes zoom conferencing three mornings a week week with Holly plus an hour math session with Colton and an hour and a half session with Nick that will include composition and theory lessons followed by a live jam. We will be adding content to hopefully build up to a full workflow by next week. Taking this one step at a time, missing each other but building resilience by connecting in the ways we can.