This week at the Lyceum: November 11-15th

On Tuesday, we got to visit Weller Printing to see the next issue of the West End Phoenix getting pressed. It hits the porches in West Toronto on Saturday with a full page of content about the Lyceum written by the students here. Check it out. Students also worked on the dreaded Two Trains math problems this morning, using very different reasoning (and some algebra) to reach their answers. This afternoon, we opened discussions on essay assignments for The Crucible. Tonight, we are pouring resin over trinkets, beads and words placed into the floor. Each object connects in some way to our story, both as individuals and as a collective. Tomorrow, the kids will get their full first day of full winter doing outdoor tracking with the Pine Project in Caledon. Next week, the down drafts of their UN position papers are due. Topics such as maternal health, deforestation, protection of journalists in war zones and the crisis in Yemen are on the ticket.