Old School Recording Devices

October 21-25 This week, the kids finished up the first of three sessions with visiting journalist from the West End Phoenix. This session, writer Kerry Manders helped them see their work off to submission for review by the editors. Now the kids are waiting for feedback: Will my title be changed? Will they publish my photo? My word count is over by 21…what will they cut? Kerry has done such an amazing job mentoring and coaching them through the process. You can read all about it in the November issue of the West End Phoenix. Amid the deadline, we also managed to get some math done. Each of the children are working on applied math problems, depending on where they are in the work. With a group this size, I can accommodate to their needs and interests, which at the moment are statistics, algebra and geometry. Definitely exercising the other side of my brain.

Today they are in the forests of Caledon with The Pine Project. Last week, they gutted a fish and identified its internal parts. I wonder what they will get up to this week. Tomorrow, we embark on a novel study of The Crucible and finish our review of the United Nations in preparation for MMUN in February.