Peace out.

Marina Dempster Photography

The Peace Table Project closed this week. We were utterly overwhelmed by the response from the community, who really seemed to dig the work the kids are doing here. Next up: In/Habit by Lyceum’s Artist in Residence Marina Dempster. Oh, wow, you’re going to want all of it.

Last week, we joined in the Climate Change rally at Queen’s Park.

This week, we are working on proposals for the next issue of the West End Phoenix which they are due to present at next Tuesday’s editorial meeting with David Bidini and Melanie Morassutti. This Tuesday, they spent the morning getting their hands dirty packing the latest issue. Mentoring writer Kerry Manders has been helping them prepare this week. Kerry is a regular contributor to The West End Phoenix and The New York Times. She has done such an amazing job helping them frame their individual stories.

We also found time to fit in work on our novel study of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, continue our studies on volume (grade 7) and number lines (grade 6) . We also had time to do some preliminary planning on our Praxis project (more on that soon) and registered our country for Model UN. We look forward to the challenges and opportunities our contingent from Rwanda will face.